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About Future Auto Service Centres

Hi, I'm Ron Atkinson, one of the founding members of Future Auto Service Centres I realized that people found having their car serviced properly was a tricky decision, who do they go to, who could they trust to get the job done right without breaking the bank.

With the dealerships sprouting fear campaigns about "losing warranties etc,,, it was little wonder people felt the choices were limited"

We are involved with the AAAA in the Choice of Repairers Campaign to ensure people maintain their right to have their vehicles repaired and serviced by the workshops of their choice, People they have already built up a trust relationship with.

Our aim was to build a network of quality workshops that would deliver a high level of customer service and satisfaction

"Businesses people want to go to, instead of being dictated to"

To provide people with a choice, we got together with other businesses that share the same beliefs/values and created Future Auto Service Centres

Choosing who to service your car should not be based upon fear of a loss, it should be based on trust and ability.

Yes, thanks to the wonderful efforts of our business owners, we have created this, now as we continue to grow, so does our commitment to our clients. 

  • We know when you choose to use a  Future Auto Service Centre, we are given your trust.
  • We promise to do the job correctly and to value the relationship you have provided us
  • Our hope is you will become a long-term client and a much-valued friend
  • Future Auto Service Centres undertake to provide the highest level of customer care and service possible every time.

Future Auto Service Centres promise that the cost of service and repairs will be fair and reasonable and we will always notify our customers for approval before commencing any additional repairs.

 Future Auto Service Centre dealerships are required to only use genuine replacement parts or parts that are
equivalent to or exceed genuine parts in quality.

Mission Statement

 Future Auto Service Centres Pty Ltd and its franchisees are dedicated to developing a network of mechanical service centres that share a belief in

  • Quality service and repairs
  • The use of quality parts and lubricants
  • Building valued relationships with our clients
  • Appreciation of our clients choice to have their vehicles serviced by us

Future Auto Service centres believe that our clients are entitled to share this experience each and every time they choose to do business with us.

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