Cool weather change

Time to adjust tyre Pressures

Cold weather produces a reduction in tyre pressures.

This reduction means more of the tyre is in direct contact with the road, the lower pressure makes sidewalls of the tyre become more flexible,

hence the weight of the car distorts the

tyre walls and the effects include

·         Increased fuel consumption

·         Less responsive handling

So why the change,

If your tyres were checked in summer when the ambient temperature was say 35 degrees Celsius and they were adjusted to 34 PSI (Pounds per Square inch ) pressure

For every 5 degrees drop the pressure drops approximately 1 PSI

Now the ambient temperature is only 18 degrees Celsius, so the pressure now inside the tyre is only 30.6 PSI a considerable drop.


Tyre pressures vary dependant on many different factors and need to be checked and adjusted regularly.

They should be checked and adjusted the next time you fill up, or alternatively, if you are a “Rewards club member” drop in and we will check it for you.

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