Steering Blog

Steering Blog

Steering in cars today have evolved substantially from the days where we all drove cars with manual steering.

They were heavy to drive and difficult to manoeuvre, particularly at low speeds or when the vehicle was stationary.Late model hyundai steering wheel
1962 holden ej special wagon

The main component we use is the same, the steering wheel, yes the design has altered over the years but its function remains the same.


It connects to the remainder of the steering system and eventually to the wheels of the car, we turn the wheel to the left and the car turns to the left, turn it to the right, the car turns to the right and at the centre position we drive straight ahead.

Many other components of the steering and suspension system ensure the vehicle behaves the way we expect it to when the steering wheel is turned.

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Automotive Exhaust Systems

Exhaust SystemsTail pipe

Automotive exhaust systems are an extremely important safety part of your vehicle and also play a vital role in the performance, fuel economy and operating systems governed by many emission control regulations.

The components that make up an exhaust system vary considerably between manufacturers and country requirements.

Its main purpose is to reduce both the emission and noise pollution created by the normal workings of the engine of your vehicle.

Whilst some components are common to both petrol and diesel systems, others are not and diesel-powered vehicles often require a different approach regarding periodic maintenance and procedures required to keep the system operating.

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Car warning lights Blog

Car warning lights Blogcar dashboard lights a

Our vehicles dashboard or instrument panel has become more complex over recent years and is a highly technical source of information for the driver.

Whilst once it contained simple Gauges and a few lights, modern-day vehicles utilise the instrument panel to alert the driver of the vehicle to many different situations, hence what was once a fairly simple piece of equipment is now quite complex.

One particular area of the instrument panel is its warning light functions, these are designed to alert the driver of situations that require attention.

They usually fall into one of these 3 areas

  • Items requiring immediate attention
  • Advisory items
  • Informational

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Things I need to know about my AC system

We all like to hop in the car turn on the AC and enjoy a comfortable trip,
but when was the last time the AC system was serviced?Family in car
For many people, it is when the system fails to operate or starts delivering warm air instead of cool.
For Air conditioning systems to provide long-term service they do require some maintenance and periodic servicing.
This article is to explain why it needs to be serviced and what is usually required
So firstly let’s assume your reading this because your system has stopped working.
So why isn’t my AC system working

ac imageLow gas pressure is the most common reason why AC system fails to operate.

With this in mind, under normal circumstances, the air conditioning system in your car is meant to be a completely sealed unit, so in most cases, if the system is low on gas there is a leak or fault somewhere in the system that must be rectified.
The difficult part is locating which component is causing the issue, to just recharge the system without rectifying the fault is a waste of your money and is illegal.
(The system must not leak refrigerant into the atmosphere)
Even a small leak in the system is likely to lower the pressure required for the system to operate, in a matter of hours.

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Is a diesel right for you

When I grew up the most common diesels we encountered were trucks and buses with a few 4WD vehicles sporting diesel engines.

They were used in these vehicles because of cheaper running costs and the amazing amount of power they will produce at low revs.

Over recent years they have also been included in passenger vehicle options with many people changing from tradional petrol powered vehicles to diesel powered versions.2013 landcruiser pradodeisel car a

Add into the mix turbos and other components designed to make them perform cleaner and better,
diesels are very particular about how they need to be driven and serviced.

At Future Auto Service Centres our technicians are fully trained in diesel servicing, upgrading and repairs to ensure we can provide our clients with the best service and advice for their diesel vehicle, based upon how it is used and what the owner requires of it.

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