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 AC blowing hot air

The system will need inspection and servicingair conditioner google

Yes it should be serviced every 2 years
This is for 2 main reasons

Firstly, regular servicing ensures that your system is operating on a full charge of clean refrigerant allowing it to function at its best, giving you and your passengers a comfortable drive.reciever dehydrator

Secondly, servicing keeps the system free from contaminants such as moisture and air, these contaminants will cause not only poor performance but also corrosion within your A/C system, (leading to expensive, avoidable repairs).
To assist in preventing corrosion, the system has a filter called the receiver drier which is designed to trap any moisture and remove it from the system.
While these filters are good, like any other filter, eventually they require replacement. The recommendation is every 2 years or any time the system has been open to the atmosphere.
Given the work that they do and the protection they provide, replacement is an essential part of servicing your AC system correctly.

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