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Exhaust SystemsTail pipe

Automotive exhaust systems are an extremely important safety part of your vehicle and also play a vital role in the performance, fuel economy and operating systems governed by many emission control regulations.

The components that make up an exhaust system vary considerably between manufacturers and country requirements.

Its main purpose is to reduce both the emission and noise pollution created by the normal workings of the engine of your vehicle.

Whilst some components are common to both petrol and diesel systems, others are not and diesel-powered vehicles often require a different approach regarding periodic maintenance and procedures required to keep the system operating.

So what is the main function of an exhaust system?

As your vehicle operates, the internal combustion engine used creates explosions that push the pistons in the engine creating the power we feel when the engine is operational.

This combustexhaustion process produces leftover gasses and contaminants that need to be disposed of, this is the role of your vehicles exhaust system components.

Whether it is redirecting gases to be fired again in the engine (EGR valve) or directing the exhaust gasses to the tailpipe, an exhaust system and its components must be in good working order to efficiently carry out its role.

The gasses produced are dangerous to the human body, typically carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. Whilst we can’t see these gasses, we don’t want them entering into the engine compartment or cabin, so one of the main jobs of the exhaust system is to redirect these gasses out the tailpipe located at the rear of the vehicle.

With other components of the exhaust system, in place to reduce both noise and harmful emissions entering the air around us.

With two basic types of fuel systems in use Petrol and Diesel, exhaust systems are designed to suit the different fuel systems and process the leftover gasses and carbons each produces.

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