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What I need to know about engine oilsengine oil b

Wow writing a blog on engine oils, there is so much to know about this particular topic.

So let me start with the best advice I can give you, if in doubt in any way talk to your local Future Auto Service Centre about what is the correct engine oil for your vehicle and why they recommend it.

They have a wealth of resources available to them and will happily ensure the correct oil is used in your vehicle.

Todays vehicles are becoming more complicated and specific oils are recommended by the manufacturer for the best use in these vehicles.

In the past a mechanic may have stocked 2-3 different types of oils that covered the majority of situations, modern service centres have to stock a multitude of different oils to ensure vehicles are operating with the correct oil in the engine.

“The wrong oil will lead to the destruction of the engine and an expensive replacement cost”

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