Things I need to know about my AC system

We all like to hop in the car turn on the AC and enjoy a comfortable trip,
but when was the last time the AC system was serviced?Family in car
For many people, it is when the system fails to operate or starts delivering warm air instead of cool.
For Air conditioning systems to provide long-term service they do require some maintenance and periodic servicing.
This article is to explain why it needs to be serviced and what is usually required
So firstly let’s assume your reading this because your system has stopped working.
So why isn’t my AC system working

ac imageLow gas pressure is the most common reason why AC system fails to operate.

With this in mind, under normal circumstances, the air conditioning system in your car is meant to be a completely sealed unit, so in most cases, if the system is low on gas there is a leak or fault somewhere in the system that must be rectified.
The difficult part is locating which component is causing the issue, to just recharge the system without rectifying the fault is a waste of your money and is illegal.
(The system must not leak refrigerant into the atmosphere)
Even a small leak in the system is likely to lower the pressure required for the system to operate, in a matter of hours.

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Is a diesel right for you

When I grew up the most common diesels we encountered were trucks and buses with a few 4WD vehicles sporting diesel engines.

They were used in these vehicles because of cheaper running costs and the amazing amount of power they will produce at low revs.

Over recent years they have also been included in passenger vehicle options with many people changing from tradional petrol powered vehicles to diesel powered versions.2013 landcruiser pradodeisel car a

Add into the mix turbos and other components designed to make them perform cleaner and better,
diesels are very particular about how they need to be driven and serviced.

At Future Auto Service Centres our technicians are fully trained in diesel servicing, upgrading and repairs to ensure we can provide our clients with the best service and advice for their diesel vehicle, based upon how it is used and what the owner requires of it.

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Maintaining your tyres

“How to get the best value and safety from your tyres”Tyre stack 2

The tyres play a critical role in your vehicles safety, with little more than a hand size amount of tread per tyre making contact with the road surface at any given time, this is critical for cornering, Steering, acceleration and braking, so it is extremely important that your vehicles tyres are in a good condition.


Good tyre tread becomes even more important on wet roads

The tyre tread is designed to disperse water from the contact area of the tyre, allowing the tyre to grip the road and perform as anticipated for the driver.Wet tyre on road

Without good tyre tread in wet conditions, the driver will have difficulty in accelerating, and cornering.

More importantly, the Tyre tread is responsible for ultimately stopping your vehicle when braking, the brake system can be operating fine, but if you don’t have good tread contact with the road, the vehicle can just simply glide on the road surface, when you need it to stop


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We all love the feel of a vehicle that is performing well, you put your foot on the accelerator and the whole car responds beautifully.

Even more important than the power provided, is the cars ability to handle correctly at all speeds.tire contact

  • Will it corner correctly?
  • Will the driving experience be smooth?
  • Even more important will it stop correctly?

This is why the vehicles suspension system plays such a crucial role in safe motoring.

A good suspension system ensures the tyres are making correct contact with the road surface, Steering stability and positive handling at all speeds, Comfort to the passengers because the complete body engine and drivetrain are supported correctly (absorbing road bumps and shocks)

The suspension system has to withstand all of the stress placed on a vehicle in its daily operation and provide safety for all the passengers in the vehicle.

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COVID 19 and your car

COVID 19 and some of the effects on your carsick car c

Yes it has an effect on your vehicle

In Queensland, Automotive repair and service businesses are classed as an “Essential service” for good reason.

We have a responsibility to ensure at the end of this, the fleet of vehicles on our roads is safe and reliable.

So why do I need to keep up my car servicing schedule while I am working from home?

I am not doing the Kilometers

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