2013 hyundai i20
The Hyundai i20 has taken over from the popular Hyundai Getz
It delivers all the features that owners enjoyed in the Getz plus more
With a choice of 1.4ltr or 1.6 ltr engine it delivers plenty of power for round town driving or trips up the coast, maintaining the fuel efficiency Hyundai is famous for.
As the new generation of small hyundai hatchback they will be around for many years to come and will remain a popular choice of small car.
As service intervals have increased on this vehicle from 6-12 months it is vital that the service covers more than the basics.
Future Auto Service Centres will carry out your "Manufacturers log book service"
plus a full inspection of the vehicle when we service it, to keep you informed of other mainenance that may be required before the next scheduled service.
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