2008 hilux bHilux

The Hilux was first introduced to the Australian market in the early 1970's and was marketed as a small 4 cylinder pick up style utility.

The early versions were certainly no frills in comparison to today's models of Hilux on offer,
much more than a simple tradies vehicle modern Hilux's are packed full of driver comfort and power
Today the Toyota Hilux is the most popular choice of vehicle in its category, powerful engines matched with
technology-driven systems that provide plenty of power and fuel efficiency.
The resale value of Toyota Hilux's remains high due to the popularity of them in the 2nd hand market, ensuring they are always a wise investment.
Toyota advises that Hilux's are regularly maintained with "Manufacturers log book" servicing to ensure the vehicle is kept in peak condition
All Future Auto Service Centres are fully equipped to carry out "Manufacturers log book" servicing on Hilux vehicles
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