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Welcome to the Future Auto Service Centres Platinum Rewards Club

For Platinum Rewards Club membership you must be an existing Future Auto Service Centre Client and be signed up at your Local Future Auto Service Centre.


Why join the Platinum Rewards Club

At Future Auto Service Centres we believe you choose carefully who services your vehicle, and to reward our long-term customers, we have introduced the Future Auto Service Centres Platinum Rewards Club.

When we created the Platinum Rewards Club, we wanted to provide its members with real benefits , after all rewards club members are our best clients.

We looked at what services these clients came in for beyond their normal vehicle services and how we could help them.

Priority Bookings

red carpet
Yes your chance to go to the head of the line, as a Platinum Rewards Club member if you get your vehicle to us before 8.00 AM we will ensure your vehicle is given priority when we carry out your service.

So you can get back on the road faster.

Free Driveway Service

Our Platinum Rewards Club members have well maintained vehicles.Kedron Service

With the disappearance of “Driveway Service” at fuel outlets, the old saying of “fill it up and check under the bonnet” has certainly gone.

Unfortunately so has the under bonnet checks and tyre pressure adjustments.

These checks are more important today than they were in years gone by.

“Incorrect tyre pressures cause premature tyre wear and replacement”

Tyre pressures, Water, Coolant and Oil levels can be confusing, getting the levels and pressures wrong can cause damage to your vehicle.

So let us take care of these for you, Our Platinum Rewards Club members simply drop in every couple of months and we check and adjust these items for them.

Your benefit

Peace of mind that the levels and pressures are correct and the knowledge you are driving a well maintained vehicle.

1 X Free End of Manufacturer’s Warranty inspection (Valued at $100.00 retail)

5 year unlimited warrantyYour vehicle is approaching the end of its warranty period, this is when the dealership you bought it from has met its obligations to you and probably won’t want to be a helpful as when you purchased the car.

Before the warranty expires it is a good idea to have the car checked over, you can then advise them of items that should be fixed while the vehicle is still under warranty.


We carry out the inspection free of charge for our Platinum Rewards Club members

We spend an hour inspecting your vehicle and report  anything we feel you should bring to the attention of the manufacturer before the vehicles warranty expires.


1 X Free Pre-purchase inspection (Valued at $180.00 retail)

 You or an immediate family member is buying a vehicle and have seen a car that looks good, but how good is it really?Scott building

Nobody wants to buy a lemon, we don’t want our clients ending up with one, but how can you tell if it’s a good buy or not?

Because we service all makes and models, we are in a great position to advise you on the condition of a vehicle you may be interested in.

Chances are if a model has any issues or concerns you should be aware of we have seen it before and can advise you on what is required.

For our Platinum Rewards Club members we offer 1 free pre-purchase inspection.

We will inspect the vehicle and provide you with an honest appraisal of the vehicles current condition, including any items we can see that may require attention in the near future.

Lemon CarWe don’t want our clients driving a lemon they are expensive to rectify and the excitement of owning your new car, soon disappears.

Because of the time and care involved in carrying out a Pre-Purchase inspection Bookings are essential


Your choice of either a Free on-board Diagnostic scan or a 66 point Vehicle Pre-holiday inspection (Valued at $100.00 retail)

So what is an On-board Diagnostic scan?

warning lightLet’s say you start your car and warning light shows up on the dash indicating the vehicle has a problem. You then take the car to your service centre hoping they can have a quick look at it, find a minor fault, rectify it and the light is gone.

Unfortunately problems in modern motor vehicles are rarely that easy to identify.

Modern vehicles are computerised and have diagnostic software designed to indicate to our technicians areas of concern.

Mechanic with ScannerWhen the vehicle is presented to us the first step is to run a diagnostic scan so we can access the information stored in the vehicles computer.

After that it comes down to the skills of very talented technicians and plenty of research.

Our Platinum Rewards Club members can choose get this Diagnostic scan for free,

saving them ($100 and more) on what is often an expensive repair. (Bookings Essential)

66 point Pre-holiday Vehicle inspection

The family is going on a holiday, every thing sorted at home, the accommodations booked all you have to do is get there safely.Family in car

The last thing you want to be concerned about is the condition of your vehicle, yet if it breaks down your holiday isn’t off to a great start.

If you are a Platinum Rewards Club member and choose to have a “66 point Pre-holiday Vehicle Inspection” we will have a good look over your car and advise you of any concerns that should be addressed before you set off.

After all, we want you to have a great holiday

(Bookings Essential)

Automatic service reminders

As a part of your vehicles warranty services must be carried out within specific time periods.

Even if your car is out of warranty keeping it regularly serviced is crucial to its safe operation.

While we place a Lube sticker in the upper right-hand corner of your windscreen to advise you of when the next service is due, often they are overlooked.

We understand that life gets in the road and people don’t intentionally forget about the car service, to assist our Platinum Rewards Club members we send them automatic service reminders, so they can contact their local Future Auto Service Centre and book the car in.

The Platinum Rewards Club cost only $33.00

That's over $380.00 retail value for only $33.00

Peace of mind when you need it, Priceless

For Platinum Rewards Club membership you must be an existing Future Auto Service Centre Client and be signed up at your Local Future Auto Service Centre.

NB: Benefits can only be claimed at the issuing Branch

NB: Your membership and any unused entitlements of the Future Auto Service Centres "Platinum Rewards Club" expire on the 31st of December each year.

Please contact your local branch to renew your membership.

Our Platinum Reward Club Members like to win and we love giving away prizes

Great news 

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The Future Auto Service Centres "Platinum Rewards Club" is back 

So our amazing monthly prize draws are back in 2022 

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