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Free Driveway Service

Our Platinum Rewards Club members have well maintained vehicles.Kedron Service

With the disappearance of “Driveway Service” at fuel outlets, the old saying of “fill it up and check under the bonnet” has certainly gone.

Unfortunately so has the under bonnet checks and tyre pressure adjustments.

These checks are more important today than they were in years gone by.

“Incorrect tyre pressures cause premature tyre wear and replacement”

Tyre pressures, Water, Coolant and Oil levels can be confusing, getting the levels and pressures wrong can cause damage to your vehicle.

So let us take care of these for you, Our Platinum Rewards Club members simply drop in every couple of months and we check and adjust these items for them.

Your benefit

Peace of mind that the levels and pressures are correct and the knowledge you are driving a well maintained vehicle.