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Your choice of either a Free on-board Diagnostic scan or a 66 point Vehicle Pre-holiday inspection (Valued at $100.00 retail)

So what is an On-board Diagnostic scan?

warning lightLet’s say you start your car and warning light shows up on the dash indicating the vehicle has a problem. You then take the car to your service centre hoping they can have a quick look at it, find a minor fault, rectify it and the light is gone.

Unfortunately problems in modern motor vehicles are rarely that easy to identify.

Modern vehicles are computerised and have diagnostic software designed to indicate to our technicians areas of concern.

Mechanic with ScannerWhen the vehicle is presented to us the first step is to run a diagnostic scan so we can access the information stored in the vehicles computer.

After that it comes down to the skills of very talented technicians and plenty of research.

Our Platinum Rewards Club members can choose get this Diagnostic scan for free,

saving them ($100 and more) on what is often an expensive repair. (Bookings Essential)