Gold and Silver Band Service

What is a Gold Band Service

Future Auto Gold Band Service a1Gold Band refers to the level of service provided not the cost, as you can see from the list below our Gold Band service is designed to provide you with a more in depth picture of your vehicles condition and repairs that may be required.

For us to ensure you are well informed it may be necessary for us to perform a Gold Band Service on your vehicle incorporating a full diagnostic scan and Major service on your vehicle.

Our counter staff will inform you which service is best suited for your vehicle given its age, known history and problems you have encountered.

"Gold Band Service"

  • Road test vehicle, check for handling and performance
  • Our Future Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Quality engine oil and filter to manufacturer's specifications
  • Air filter and air duct condition
  • Brake fluid performance test
  • Coolant condition pressure test
  • Check, clean and coat battery terminals
  • Check battery condition and volts test
  • Inspection of belts for uneven wear or cracks and report
  • Check condition and operation of water pump
  • Remove all wheels, inspect and report on correct operation of braking system (Adjust park brake)
  • Check shock absorbers and suspension components
  • Check condition of all tyres and pressures
  • Check and report on performance of electronic fuel injection system
  • Remove air intake and service throttle body
  • Check operation of base idle circuit
  • Check operation of oxygen sensors
  • Check condition of spark plugs and high tension leads
  • Check performance of ignition coil - coil packs
  • Perform self-diagnostic procedure of engine management system

On completion of the service, we shall provide you with our Post Service Report and discuss any issues with you before any repairs are undertaken.

After all, like you, we all want the very best for your vehicle

At Future Auto Service Centres, we aim for all our clients to be driving well-maintained vehicles regardless of in we are doing a manufacturers log book service, so when they contact us it is for regular servicing, not emergency break downs.

"Silver Band Service"

future auto silver band service a1With this in mind, we have developed our Silver Band Service. This service involves our 69 Point Vehicle Inspection Report as well as a basic service, providing you with a quality service and a written report on items that require further attention. (Post Service Report)

In the report we list the items on your vehicle that need attention in priority of importance, inform you of areas of concern and follow your instruction on how to proceed (ensuring your safety and the safety of your family is never compromised over cheaper/faster repairs.)

During this service, we carry out,

  • Vehicle Test Drive                                                                                                              
  • Quality Engine Oil & Oil Filter
  • Under Bonnet Fluid Check & Report
  • Our Future 66 Point Vehicle Inspection Report 
  • Thorough inspection & adjustment of braking system (including hand brake)
  • Tyre Pressure Check & Tyre Wear Report (including the spare)
  • Thorough under body check of Steering, Suspension & Exhaust components
  • Full inspection of lights, indicators and wiper operation
  • All carried out by our Qualified technicians

This provides you with a clear picture of the condition of your vehicle and makes you aware of any potential issues that may occur in the future, we will develop a "Down to earth" sensible and affordable maintenance plan with you to ensure you get the best performance from your vehicle.


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Future Auto Gold Band Service a1  future auto silver band service a1
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