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Cold Weather Starting Tips

Cold Weather Starting Tips

Its winter and its cold, you don’t want to get out of bed let alone deal with a car that doesn’t want to start.

The annoying click, click of a flat battery is the last thing you want on a chilly winter’s morning.

The reality is your car feels the same way.

While it would be great to simply go back to bed and ignore the car, your boss probably wouldn’t agree with your plan of action, so we put this article together to assist you.

Whilst we may not get the sub-zero temperatures that winter weather brings to some parts of Australia.

We do have some tips to help you get your car started on those chilly mornings.

New Car / Log Book Service

New Car / Log Book Service

We carry out Manufacturers Log Book Servicing for all makes and models of vehicles in the Brisbane and Gladstone

Q: Do log book services have to be carried out at a dealership?

A: No, the choice of who services your vehicle is 100% your choice.

Every Future Auto Service Centre is equipped to provide Log Book Servicing for your new vehicle, under law it is your right to choose who carries out these services.

Naturally you want the mechanic of "your choice" to service your new car, after all it is your vehicle and Your Choice

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