Yes, we carry out Manufacturers' Log Book Servicing 

for all makes and models of vehicles

So why is Log Book servicing so important?mat a 2

To maintain your vehicle's warranty, Automotive manufacturers insist on correct logbook servicing on their vehicles, logbook servicing is a mandatory requirement by the vehicle manufacturer! 

In years gone by you asked for a "Car Service", which covered the basics.

These days the logbook service includes what was a "Car Service", plus the manufacturers' recommendations to ensure the vehicle is maintained to the best operating condition.

This ensures vehicles are serviced to the correct specifications at specified time or distance-based periods, by doing this your vehicle is kept in the best possible condition for both performance and your safety.

Ignoring Logbook servicing can also affect your vehicle's insurance, as insurance is often granted on the assumption that the vehicle is properly serviced and maintained.

 At Future Auto Service Centres,new-car-log-book-service-stamped-b.png

Our qualified technicians fully understand the log book service requirements and are equipped to carry out and complete all log book services on any make or model.

To ensure your new car warranty remains valid, your logbook will be stamped and all paperwork is completed in compliance with the vehicle manufacturer's requirements.

NB: Having the log book stamped will also assist you in selling your vehicle when you choose to do so.


Information about who can do log book servicing

Q: Do log book services have to be carried out at the dealership your purchased the vehicle from?

A: No, the choice of who services your vehicle is your choice.

Every Future Auto Service Centre is equipped to provide Log Book Servicing for your new vehicle, under law it is your right to choose who carries out these services.

So why wouldn't you want the mechanic of your choice to service your new car, after all, it is "Your car and Your Choice"

These typically include

  • Brake system inspection 
  • Lubrication and Filter changes 
  • Belt adjustmentsGeoff-counter-1.png
  • Suspension checks
  • Steering component checks
  • Engine Flushes
  • Fuel system flushes
  • Coolant /Cooling system inspections and flushes
  • Re-tightening of noted components to specific torque settings
  • Also other vehicle-specific requirements
  • Lighting and electrical system checks
  • Exhaust system checks
  • Re-setting Service Lights
  • Tyre pressure and wear checks 

 To retain your warranty the log book must be stamped by the service centre and the parts/lubricants used must be of equal to, or better than the original vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

While we apply a "Down to Earth" policy to how we treat our clients and their vehicles, we ensure we meet all the requirements to protect the warranty on your vehicle

Future Auto Service Centres ensure our service technicians attend regular training keeping them up to date with current technologies used in modern vehicles, this is how we continue to produce the best technicians in the industry, so rest assured,

"Your New Car is in safe hands and your Warranty is protected."

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