We all love the feel of a vehicle that is performing well, you put your foot on the accelerator and the whole car responds beautifully.

Even more important than the power provided, is the cars ability to handle correctly at all speeds.tire contact

  • Will it corner correctly?
  • Will the driving experience be smooth?
  • Even more important will it stop correctly?

This is why the vehicles suspension system plays such a crucial role in safe motoring.

A good suspension system ensures the tyres are making correct contact with the road surface, Steering stability and positive handling at all speeds, Comfort to the passengers because the complete body engine and drivetrain are supported correctly (absorbing road bumps and shocks)

The suspension system has to withstand all of the stress placed on a vehicle in its daily operation and provide safety for all the passengers in the vehicle.

 So what makes up the suspension system of your car?tyre on road

The tyres, the air pressure in the tyres, Springs, Shock absorbers, Struts, Arms, Bars, Linkages, Bushes and Joints.

The suspension system connects the car body to the road.

A well-maintained suspension system is not only designed to provide a smooth ride but also ensures you and your passengers are not only comfortable but safe.

Tyres and tyre Pressure 

Tyres and tyre pressure play an important role in the suspension system, your tyres are the only part of the car that makes contact with the road surface.

They have to propel the vehicle forward, steer the vehicle in your chosen direction, smooth out the ride and they must be able to stop the vehicle on demand.

This is only possible with tyres that are in good condition and adjusted to the correct tyre pressure.

Shock absorberssuspension system car

The main role of the shock absorbers is to control the movement of the suspension components and springs ensuring the tyres maintain contact with the road surface.


Many different types of suspension systems have been designed of the years and manufacturers utilise various systems in the vehicle designs.

A common system used is called a strut system, an easy way to picture a strut system is its shock absorber sits in the centre of a coil spring located on the strut assembly, this assembly has the wheels and tyres attached to it.

A good strut assembly is an integral part that affects the ride comfort and handling as well as vehicle control, braking, steering, wheel alignment, and wear on other suspension components and the tyres.

What you need to know about your suspension system?

I have only listed some of the main components above and there are many other parts including computer sensors, linkages, rods and bushes that play an important role in your vehicles suspension system. Every time the vehicle moves all of these components are working to provide comfort, stability and safety for the driver and their passengers.

Suspension components by nature gradually wear out over time, so often an issue is not felt by the driver of the vehicle until a component has had a major failure, this is not what you want when you have to suddenly steer around an object or brake to avoid a collision.Suspension system parts

This is why we inspect these important components every time your vehicle is being serviced and report to you any issues found.

Once the faulty component is replaced, drivers often report a much noticeable difference in the handling and ride of the vehicle.

If you are experiencing squeaks when going over bumps or dips, unusual clunking or rattling noises while driving on uneven roads or over potholes, steering issues, bottoming out, excessive bouncing when going over bumps, leaking shocks or struts, or the handling of your vehicle just does not feel right, you should have your vehicle inspected at one of our service centres right away.

Suspension systems ensure tyres remain in contact with the road surface at all times,
this is vital to your vehicle be able to steer correctly and brake in an emergency

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