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 Servicing my diesel vehicle.

At Future Auto Service Centres we recommend a minimum service period of every 10,000 km or 6 months, whichever occurs first.

One important part of any car servicing is the changing of filters and the engine oil, this keeps the engine free of contaminants, maximising your engines lifespan, hence providing you with value for money for your investment.

So what is the best service interval for your diesel?

This depends on many factors, one in particular is the type of driving it usually does.

Whilst manufacturers set a recommended service interval, they are often based upon the vehicle doing the optimum type of driving, allowing the correct set of conditions to occur in regards to the condition of the engine oil and also the ability for Diesel Particulate Filter burn offs or regeneration to naturally occur.

In reality many vehicles do not regularly achieve these conditions and arrive at our workshops because of issues caused by the way the vehicle is used.

For example

Driving short distances on a regular basis has been known to cause the oil in diesel cars to accumulate gunk or other contaminants.  Hence more frequent oil changes are required in comparison to a vehicle that is predominantly used for highway driving.

Also veDPFhicles fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter require what is known as a “Burn Off or Regeneration” to periodically clear the filter, this is usually achieved under regular Highway driving conditions, when this fails to occur the filter becomes blocked and can eventually lead to complete engine failure because of the blockage. So to get the best value from your diesel, having your vehicle regularly serviced by trained technicians is extremely important.

Talk to our counter staff about what service intervals we would recommend for your vehicle based upon its use and history.

So why choose Future Auto to look after your Diesel?

Dudley uteMany of our business owners and their staff own excellent diesel vehicles, they drive them, repair them and most importantly know how to get the best performance and economy from them.Marks ute

This gives them a great perspective on what works best for particular makes and models.

With this experience they are in a great position to provide you with advice on what is available for your vehicle and how to have it running at its best.

If you are considering buying a diesel have a talk with our staff before purchasing to ensure you have a clear picture of what diesels require and if in fact a diesel is the best choice for you.

If you already own a diesel, this article is excellent reading based on our experience.

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