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Its winter and its cold, you don’t want to get out of bed let alone deal with a car that doesn’t want to start.sick car c

The annoying click, click of a flat battery is the last thing you want on a chilly winter’s morning

The reality is your car feels the same way.

While it would be great to simply go back to bed and ignore the car, your boss probably wouldn’t agree with your plan of action, so we put this article together to assist you.

Whilst we may not get the sub-zero temperatures that winter weather brings to some parts of Australia.

We do have some tips to help you get your car started on those chilly mornings.


Turn everything off:

Hyundai dash lit up







Help your car by turning off all the electronics you can, the radio, heater, demister and headlights.

So your battery can give full power to starting your vehicle.

 Try to start your car:

start car cold

Turn the key and hold it.

Crank the engine for about 10 seconds, no longer – you don’t want to overheat or flood the engine.

If the engine fails to start, let the engine rest for a few minutes and try again.


Wait and try again:

start car cold

If the car is close to starting, but sounds a bit slower than normal, give it another few minutes break and try starting it again.


 Time for a jump start:

Jump start
If you aren’t able to get your car’s engine to turn over, jump starting the car is your next option.

Please ensure you follow the manufacturers’ recommendations when doing this procedure (done incorrectly you can cause serious problems with the vehicles electronic systems)

Or contact your local Future Auto Service Centre for advice on how to best proceed.


 Here are some practical tips to help prevent this issue

Get your battery checked before winter:

car battery tester

Your battery needs to be in good condition and generate enough cold cranking amps to effectively work during winter.

Your local Future Auto Service Centre can test your battery to make sure it is in good working order or replace it if required.

Protect your car from the cold weather:

Park your car in a garage. If you don’t have a garage, parking under a carport or next to a building will provide some protection.

The warmer the vehicle is the less likely the cold start issue can occur.

Keep the car well serviced:

new car log book service stamped b

Keeping the car serviced will ensure the oil is correct and in turn allowing the many moving parts to operate freely when starting the vehicle.

Your Future Auto Service Centre will also load test your battery during the service and advise you of any potential problems that can be avoided.

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