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 Here are some practical tips to help prevent this issue

Get your battery checked before winter:

car battery tester

Your battery needs to be in good condition and generate enough cold cranking amps to effectively work during winter.

Your local Future Auto Service Centre can test your battery to make sure it is in good working order or replace it if required.

Protect your car from the cold weather:

Park your car in a garage. If you don’t have a garage, parking under a carport or next to a building will provide some protection.

The warmer the vehicle is the less likely the cold start issue can occur.

Keep the car well serviced:

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Keeping the car serviced will ensure the oil is correct and in turn allowing the many moving parts to operate freely when starting the vehicle.

Your Future Auto Service Centre will also load test your battery during the service and advise you of any potential problems that can be avoided.

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