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    Most people enjoy car air conditioning these days and we certainly know when isn't working properly
    Efficient car air conditioning is all about regular maintenance.

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    So why do they need servicing?

    When an air conditioning system is operating corrosive acids are produced that have an effect on the components
    The receiver dryer is part of the system and is designed to collect these acids, along with moisture.
     It's a bit like a filter that is capable of removing moisture from the atmosphere.

    As the build-up of contaminants in the receiver dryer increases, its ability to do its job decreases and eventually the corrosive acids in the air conditioning system damage other component parts.
    Because this corrosion is occurring on the internal surfaces of these parts it is impossible to accurately determine what parts of the system will fail next.
    How often should it be serviced?
    Every two years is recommended or uncontrolled corrosion  can take place and damages the condenser, compressor, evaporator and other parts of the system.

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    HANDY TIP: Turn your vehicle's air conditioner on for a few minutes every week or so, even in winter. This will lubricate the seals in the compressor and prolong its operational life.


     If you are concerned about your vehicles A/C system

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  • Things I need to know about my AC system

    We all like to hop in the car turn on the AC and enjoy a comfortable trip,
    but when was the last time the AC system was serviced?Family in car
    For many people, it is when the system fails to operate or starts delivering warm air instead of cool.
    For Air conditioning systems to provide long-term service they do require some maintenance and periodic servicing.
    This article is to explain why it needs to be serviced and what is usually required
    So firstly let’s assume your reading this because your system has stopped working.
    So why isn’t my AC system working

    ac imageLow gas pressure is the most common reason why AC system fails to operate.

    With this in mind, under normal circumstances, the air conditioning system in your car is meant to be a completely sealed unit, so in most cases, if the system is low on gas there is a leak or fault somewhere in the system that must be rectified.
    The difficult part is locating which component is causing the issue, to just recharge the system without rectifying the fault is a waste of your money and is illegal.
    (The system must not leak refrigerant into the atmosphere)
    Even a small leak in the system is likely to lower the pressure required for the system to operate, in a matter of hours.

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