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  • Is a diesel right for you

    When I grew up the most common diesels we encountered were trucks and buses with a few 4WD vehicles sporting diesel engines.

    They were used in these vehicles because of cheaper running costs and the amazing amount of power they will produce at low revs.

    Over recent years they have also been included in passenger vehicle options with many people changing from tradional petrol powered vehicles to diesel powered versions.2013 landcruiser pradodeisel car a

    Add into the mix turbos and other components designed to make them perform cleaner and better,
    diesels are very particular about how they need to be driven and serviced.

    At Future Auto Service Centres our technicians are fully trained in diesel servicing, upgrading and repairs to ensure we can provide our clients with the best service and advice for their diesel vehicle, based upon how it is used and what the owner requires of it.

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