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“Will match documented Capped price Service offers available to you on the day of service”

Who doesn't love a bargain?


The problem is bargains usually come at a cost.

How many times has a bargain actually deliverd the satisfaction you require?

So what is a capped price service ?

Capped price servicing is a service package provided by dealerships at the time of purchase of your vehicle

its purpose is to have you returning to the dealership for servicing.

Basic Capped Price Service is often labelled as Essential Service

Engine oil, Oil filter, Multi-point vehicle inspection, Tyre rotation and Stamp your Log Book
The “minimal requirements” set out in the standard servicing schedule of the manufacturers' log book

A better option than a capped price service is,

The Future Auto Service Centres “Standard Vehicle Service” it is based on the Manufacturers Logbook requirements not a price structure (to ensure your warranty is maintained) and other essential vehicle services, adjustments and inspections.

 “Standard Vehicle Service”

Quality Engine oil, Oil filter, (Engine Flush, Fuel System Flush as required) Multi-point vehicle inspection, Tyre rotation, TyrePressure Check and adjust, Brake system inspection and adjust, Handbrake adjustment, Drive belts inspection and adjustment, Suspension inspection and report, Steering components inspection and report, Cooling system inspection, pressure test and report, Battery test and report, Electrical system test and report, Exhaust system inspection and report, Pre-warranty expiry report and Stamp the vehicles Logbook.

 Yes in a small number of cases, it may cost a little more than “Capped Price Services”

but it provides better value for money servicing that addresses the overall condition, safety and reliability of your vehicle.


We get that some decisions must be based on price alone and as stated above

“we will match the prices for capped price services when required” 

So what is better for my car?

Capped price servicing or Regular servicing

  • Capped price is based on cost only.
  • Whilst Regular servicing is based on maintenance, keeping your vehicle at its best, avoiding the disappointment of a breakdown.

You are always welcome to discuss the options available for your vehicle with our Future Auto Service Centres click here to locate your local branch.

Recently the ABC produced a program on capped price servicing click on the following link to view the program




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Gold / Silver Service.

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We have two great service options available being
our Gold Band and Silver Band Services.