Brakes making a terrible noise

Clearly, there is something wrong, Braking systems require attention from time to time
and any unusual noise or feel should be treated with importance 

At Future Auto Service Centres your brakes are visually inspected for:



  • Fluid leaks
  • Brake hose inspection
  • Brake shoe/pad wear
  • Brake drum/Rotor wear
  • Condition of brake fluid
  • Mechanical operation
  • Hydraulic operation
  • Hand brake operation


If your vehicle is fitted with Anti Lock Brakes (ABS) this system is also tested and reported on.

Customers are advised of repairs required and cost involved prior to the commencmentof work

Then with your approval we shall get the brake repairs done, so you can again drive safely

NB: Rotors and Brake drums have a strict legal wear limit to ensure safe operation.

"Future Auto Service Centres will not machine beyond these limits", 
doing so places your safety and the vehicles insurance cover at risk.

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