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Slipping clutch, perhaps an adjustment will fix it

Most clutch's these days are self-adjusting and by the time it is slipping, the clutch usually requires replacement

Whilst it is true manufacturers are producing more vehicles with automatic transmissions today than manual transmissions, there are still many vehicles in the market place fitted with manual transmissions.CLUTCH

Clutch's for these vehicles have changed dramatically over the past few years to accomodate turbo systems and off road applications.

With this in mind it has become more important to choose the correct clutch for the expected operation of the vehicle. (For instance a 4WD vehicle regularly towing a heavy load will require a different clutch from a 4WD used mainly as a family run about.)

Our staff will advise you of the correct requirement when the clutch requires replacement or alternatively provide you with a range of options to suit your needs.

NB. Hydraulic clutch systems are usually self adjusting and require little maintenance or repair, cable clutch systems will require adjusting at your scheduled vehicle service, for information on

what is fitted to your vehicle please contact our service staff.

If your clutch is slipping or you simply need a mechanic near me to look at your vehicle, contact your local service centre by clicking on the "Book Now" tab in the top menu and we will give you a call to discuss the best options for you!

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