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Looking after your tyres

Maintain the correct tyre pressure

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is paramount to looking after your vehicles tyres.tyre pressure tread wear tyre tracks comparison

A tyre with the correct pressure should wear evenly across the tread, incorrectly adjusted tyres will wear unevenly and require replacement much earlier.

Under inflated tyres wear heavily on the outer edges of the tyre, over inflated tyres wear out the centre of the tread prematurely.

Heat effects the tyre pressure

It is always best to adjust the tyre pressures when the vehicle is cold.

This is because as the car is driven and the tyres heat up the air in the tyres expands, so setting the pressure after the vehicle has been operating for a considerable time, will result in an incorrect tyre pressure when the vehicles tyres cools down.

So how can we help?

future auto logo goodFuture Auto Service Centres will inspect and adjust your tyre pressures as part of your vehicle servicing, but that only occurs once in six months for most people (some even longer). So tyre pressure needs attention in between services.

 If you are uncertain of what you require please ask our staff for their advice on tyres and how they can assist in getting the best value out of your tyre for you.

If you are a Platinum Rewards Club member, we adjust your tyre pressures for you as part of your “Free Drive way Service” benefit

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